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Wilmington NC Boudoir Photography

Why Boudoir?

“But I’m not a model.”  This is one of the biggest reservations I hear when talking to potential clients about boudoir.  They crave for someone to make them look and feel beautiful, but fear they are missing some crucial element that defines a woman.

As a photographer, my eye is trained to see all the advantages posing, lighting, and yes: photoshop gives to those models we aspire to look like.  As a woman, it breaks my heart to hear another woman comparing herself to a professionally posed and lit image, as though she’s inherently flawed if she doesn’t look like the model in the picture.  Let me and Jeff show you what good photography can do.

All the things you might be worried about… I worried about them too.  I don’t have long legs.  I’m short.  I don’t like my boobs.  I’ve got some junk in the trunk. 

So I put myself on the other side of the lens to see what being a model felt like.  Add some professional hair and makeup, careful posing, lighting that sculpts the body… And you know what?  I think my portraits came out pretty sexy.  I’ve never felt all that sexy before.  This is pretty freaking awesome!

You do not need to lose 10 more pounds.

You do not have to know how to pose.

You do not have to know how to “be sexy”

Our clients are moms, wives, single, attached, fair, tan, freckled, young, seasoned, thin, curvy.  As photographers, it is our mission is to find the “sexy” in every client.  That’s what we photograph.  That’s what boudoir is all about.


Let’s find your sexy.

“I did this for myself.  My husband enjoyed the photos, but the experience was for me.  I wanted to feel comfortable in my skin and embrace the body that had been shamed.”

Mrs. J.

Gifts that are discreet… or not!

How do you want to enjoy your images?  In a book?  On the wall?  Something that can be discreetly stowed away, or something that can be proudly displayed?

We know that how you want to preserve and view your images is as personal as boudoir itself.  That’s why we offer a full line of quality printed and digital products, carefully chosen with our clients in mind.

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