Boudoir is a pretty unique portrait experience.  We get lots of questions.  Here’s some of the more common things we get asked.  Don’t see your question below?  Contact us.

I’ve never done this before!

Girl, Breathe with me.

90% of our clients have never done a boudoir shoot before.  The other 10% are clients that loved their first session with us so much, that they came back for another.  It’s that awesome.

That being said, it’s my job to help you through the whole thing.  We’ll start with planning your session ahead of time.  We’ll discuss outfits, hair, makeup, shaving, all of it.  On the day of your shoot, I’ll show you how to pose.  I’ll help you with different facial expressions.  After your shoot, I’ll help you pick just the right product for your images.  That’s all there is to it!

Where will my session be?

Feel confident that you’re working with professional photographers.  You won’t be meeting us at our home or some hotel room.

We’ve created a lavish boutique studio complete with hair and makeup vanity, wardrobe styling area and dressing room.  All are concealed inside of a completely private camera room!

Who is my photographer?

Lori of indigosilver photographs 99% of all our boudoir sessions.

Many clients are more comfortable with a female photographer.  Or they want to be photographed in a way that makes a woman feel beautiful… think Victoria’s Secret.  If that’s you, Lori’s your girl.

If you are interested in having a male perspective (Jeff) for your boudoir shoot, please let us know when you inquire.

Do you provide hair & makeup?

Boudoir is about spoiling yourself and feeling beautiful.  Our collections all include complimentary hair and makeup application by a professional artist.  No need to drive to a separate location, we have a styling station in our studio so that everything is done under one roof!

This allows you to relax and focus on finding just the right outfits in the days leading up to your session.

Will you retouch my images?

Absolutely!  We want you to feel and look your best.

That’s why professional hair and makeup application is included in every shoot. During the shoot, we use posing and lighting techniques that will flatter your specific body type.

Once you have chosen your favorite images, each one is professionally retouched to soften skin, remove stray hairs, fine lines and blemishes… plus a little digital magic here and there where needed!  It’s the 1-2-3 punch to make you looking like the sassy, sexy vixen that you are!

What we don’t do, is the scary, overdone kind of retouching that leaves you looking like a plastic doll.  Boudoir portraits are about sexy, not fake.

What should I wear?

 Good question.  Your session should represent you and your personal tastes.  Some clients choose very sweet but sexy outfits, other choose the “bad girl” look! It’s completely up to you.

Popular choices include bra and panty sets, bodysuits, and stocking-and-garters.  You may also choose to do some nude or implied nude.  Do also bring jewelry and sexy heels, if that fits your style.

We’ll talk all this over at your planning consultation.

How long will my session be?

Your session will last between 30 minutes to two and a half hours, depending on what we plan during your consultation.  We plan at least 30 minutes of shooting per outfit.  Doing nude?  Your birthday suit counts as an outift!

Please plan to arrive about an hour prior to your session time to allow time for hair styling and makeup application, a glass of wine, and wardrobe and set selection.

Your total boudoir photography and pampering experience with us may last up to four hours – that’s a half day of relaxation and feeling sexy!

But I’m not a model!

I’ve got you covered!  I photograph real women just like you all the time.  The secret to make you look your best is proper posing and lighting.

You do not have to know how to pose.  That’s my job as your photographer.  I will guide you into poses that will flatter your specific body type.  I then use careful lighting and shadow to accentuate your favorite aspects about yourself, and de-emphasize those other aspects.  Yeah those.  I have them too.

I’ll demonstrate all the poses and make you feel 100% comfortable during your session.  You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous your images will look!

Are my images private?

Your privacy is my number one concern, aside from making you feel as comfortable as possible during your session!

While I may love every one one of your images and want to post them on our website and blog, please know that I’ll never use any of your images without your written permission.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course!  Feel free to bring a friend with you for moral support while you get your hair and makeup done.  During the shoot, we ask that everyone but you and the photographer step out of the room for the best results.

We offer boudoir parties for groups of 3 more wanting to be photographed on the same day.  These parties are great for bachelorette parties, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays.  Contact us for details!

Now is the Perfect Time to Love Yourself

Your boudoir session fee is $350 and including professional hair and makeup, complimentary mimosas and a morning full of pampering in our private studio.  Prints, products, and digital files are purchased separately, starting at $1250 for 20 images, artfully matted in a beautiful portrait box

We have flexible payment plans to help you along the way.  Contact us for details or to schedule a time to meet!

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