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A little about us!

Us as a couple and photographers

Lori and I are true photography nerds, spending most of our time creating beautiful images for our couples!  Family, friends, beer and food take up the rest of our time.  Sundays are our day to unwind, hit the beach or just relax, especially if we have a wedding the day before.  We feel it’s our duty to check out every Mexican restaurant in town, mostly on Tuesdays, which is actually Saturday for those of us in the wedding industry!

Why Photography?

We believe a wedding day is defined by moments in which we feel the profound magnitude of this day in which our lives are forever changed.  We allow ourselves to be overcome with emotion – all emotions – Joy, Loss, Awe, Excitement, Optimism…and fun.

We create imagery that describes how it felt to be there so we may always remember this day.

Us as professional educators

Each year Lori and I travel to photography conventions across the country to teach and inspire alongside some of the best photographers in the world.  In January 2017 we were honored to speak at Imaging USA, one of the worlds largest photography conventions with over 15,000 photographers from across thee globe.

From small state conferences to mega-conventions, Lori and I have created a family among the photographers we’ve helped or inspired.

If you’re a photographer looking for a little help, take a look at our mentoring options.

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